Highlighter Showdown: Opal Vs. Champagne Pop

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BECCA Cosmetics is a newer brand (at least to me) but they have hands down my favorite pressed highlighter formula. The first one I tried was Opal and then, when Jaclyn Hill did her collaboration with them to make Champagne Pop, I of course bought it the first day it was available on Sephora.com. They are similar in color so I don’t think you need to have both (I am just obsessed) especially since they are a tad expensive, being a higher end product. I wanted to do a comparison so you can make an informed choice and decide which is best for you. Let the battle begin…


I purchased Opal and immediately fell in love. It is so smooth and the color pay off is a dream. It doesn’t have large chunks of glitter but just the right amount of shimmer to it. When I got it the only color choices BECCA had was Opal or Moonstone, a lighter cream color toned highlight. I already had the Mary Louminizer by the Balm, which I feel is a lighter tone so I wanted to get the darker Opal for variation. It was the only highlighter I used for the longest time.

Champagne Pop:IMG_4175

It is no secret, nor should it come as a surprise, that I bought this for no other reason than because Jaclyn Hill made it. I love the name and the formulation is the same as Opal, extremely smooth and blendable. The color is very similar to Opal but a tad lighter. Champagne pop has a more yellow tone to it whereas Opal has a gold hue.

& the winner is…

It is with a slightly heavy heart that I say I prefer Opal as my highlighter of choice (pause for gasps). Though I still love Champagne Pop, I think Opal compliments my skin tone best and lays better on the face. Champagne Pop is a limited edition but is still available and can be purchased here. Opal is a part of their regular collection and can be purchased anywhere BECCA is sold and online.  As much as I heart Champagne Pop and Jaclyn, Opal is my ride or die highlighter. Whichever you like better, props to you BECCA for making a stellar product all around!

(Left: Champagne Pop, Right: Opal)
(Side by side w/ flash. Left:Champagne Pop, Right: Opal)

So what’s your favorite highlighter right now? Leave it in the comments below!

Love you_Mean it♥

*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands or companies mentioned. These products were purchased with my own money and the thoughts and opinions stated are my own. 

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