Hello world!

Hi, it’s Michelle! This is my first post on my very on domain, yay! I am so happy to finally be here on Word Press. I’m coming over from Blogger and I will be posting some of my old content from over there; so if you didn’t get to see it there you will be able to here. I came to Word Press to get more control over my blog and to make it more “official” if you will…

I want to  become even more serious about blogging. I will be posting every Sunday, so make sure you check here then. I’ll be updating/customizing the theme and background for a while so be patient and I promise it will be spectacular in the end.

I am a firm believer that Starbucks coffee and a good lipstick can get a girl through anything. So if you are into makeup and beauty products, or if you just want to see someone else go through life without any idea of what they are doing then come along on the journey with me!

love you_mean it.♥