Food Finds

Myself and the 4 other people I sit next to at work: Crafty, Ryan, Carrie, and Matt liked to go out to lunch together at least once a week. To keep the team bond alive and let’s just say it, we like to eat. We love finding new restaurants or just going to old ones and trying new things. Ryan, Carrie, and I have gotten into the habit of sharing meals with one another as well. We like similar things and always want to try more than one dish when we go out so it is the perfect solution. It is funny because before I worked with them and we started to go to lunch I would have never of ordered some of the things I have lately. I am not a picky eater and I like to try new things but if I find something I like at a place I usually just keep ordering that. I am glad I have been branching out more, it is way more fun. So we were at Teller’s in Hyde Park today and Ryan actually randomly suggested that we should have a blog of all the places we go to eat and I thought “how perfect!” That is exactly what I will do. So I will share the different places we go to lunch (mostly the Norwood, Hyde Park, Kenwood areas, sometimes OTR) and share what we ordered and what we thought.


I cannot believe it has taken me this long to write about my new found love: Cucinova. It is a new restaurant that opened up across from Kenwood Mall by Currito and the new Blown Salon. I think it can be best described as “Chipotle style” Italian. You can either choose pizza, pasta, or salad. Once you make your selection you can choose what sauce, cheese, and toppings (if you are getting pizza). Now I have never gotten the pasta or salad but they have different options of pastas and sauces and different choices of lettuce and toppings. But their pizza is really where it is at. To say that we are obsessed here at work would be a drastic understatement, we legitimately go there once a week usually.

Now if you know me at all, you probably know that when I normally get pizza I just get plain cheese but I don’t know if it is my co-workers encouraging me to try new things or what but when I go to Cucinova I get spinach, mushrooms, Peppadew peppers (like roasted red peppers but a tad spicier, also my new obsession!) pepperoni, and green peppers. I also get ranch on the side because honestly, what is pizza without ranch? After you add all your toppings they throw it in a fire oven for about 3 minutes and you are good to go. The pizza’s a decent size and only $6.99 no matter how many toppings you get.

They do serve some alcohol and have some happy hour deals. Tuesdays you can get 2 pizzas for $10 between 4 and 6.

You can check out everything on their website here.

Just talking about it makes me want to go there. It is almost lunch time… 🙂


If you have never been, Teller’s is actually an old bank building they turned into a restaurant but kept the vaults and stuff in for a cool retro effect. They are famous for their Buffalo Chicken Egg roll appetizer and let me tell you, they live up to the hype. With chicken, pepperoni, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, zucchini and of course buffalo sauce. They are so delicious I could get them for an appetizer and my meal and be completely okay with my decision at the end.

Today the 3 of us “sharers” decided to do a three way share. I got the BBQ Chicken Pizza (I guess I was in a chicken mood). It was decent, nothing spectacular, just your typical BBQ chicken, but they did have pineapple on it which I thought was a decent touch. Carrie got the Steak Cobb Salad with avocado, egg, tomatoes and a red wine vinaigrette dressing. It was very good, the steak was tender, and the avocado was a great addition (but I love avocado so I always think it is a good addition). Ryan got the short rib grilled cheese with smoked Gouda and Brie on rye bread, It was my least favorite of the meal but still decent. Carrie loved the sandwich, I think it might have been her favorite. Matt got the Country Club (he doesn’t like the stuff we do so he doesn’t want to share with us) but it looked like it would be a good choice.

I have only been there for lunch but I believe they have a slightly different menu for dinner. You can check it all out at their website here

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